Unit specialized in economics, quality and management of sports facilities


Responsible for the unit: Jorge García Unanue and Leonor Gallardo Guerrero

The IGOID Group is a specialist in the management of sports facilities, where it frantically accumulated projects and contracts related to the improvement of management, through the economic and quality management of sports facilities and entities.

First, the group makes available to all managers publications and manuals on the management of sports facilities such as «Aid Tool for the Economic Management of Sports Services», «Swimming Pools» or «Innovative Actions for Sports Facilities».

Also separated from the management tools is SICDE, a cost-aid tool, composed of a sensitive software and a user manual, so that any sports facility manager can start using this tool. The IGOID Group is currently collaborating on different projects on the sports economy, including the management of professional leagues and sports federations. You will soon be able to find reference articles on these sectors so important to the sports industry.

But undoubtedly, one of the most prominent places we have had in recent years was the follow-up of quality management in the fitness sector, with the collaboration and direction of consulting projects OCP (Optimization of Costs and Processes) directed by Gloves Peña. Thanks to it, development projects were carried out for such important organizations as the Matrix and the VAS Foundation, with important industry studies and reports on customer management, all available. We can ensure that these reports have become industry keys.

Therefore, the IGOID Group opens its doors to the development of new projects on technical management and feasibility of sports facilities, as well as quality and customer management, in order to increase the productivity of organizations and companies.