Specialized unit in traininf of sport facility management


Responsible for the unit: Leonor Gallardo Guerrero

The rapid change that has been undergoing the management of sports, obliges to be continuously updated and thus, spreading the knowledge. The current model is based on courses of Experts or Masters (official training or own title). Your choice would have to depend only on the type of content in which we want to specialize.

Regarding content, we noticed that the sports sciences started to be recognized and, in turn, they started to gain a great amount of related areas and itineraries, because any aspect of the business or economic branches has adaptation to the sport, and for that , are part of our training.

The method. Here we focus on the final element, which should be chosen by the person interested in training in sports management in one type of title or another. Currently, we find three main groups: face-to-face, hybrid format and online format. The IGOID Group has focused on 100% of online postgraduates, and here we have a serious problem because they are a double-edged sword. In general, it is the most efficient method for sports management, since it allows learning the same quality from previous methods in a more flexible and, in many cases, more economical way. But be careful, this simplicity should only be noticed by the student and should not affect the quality of the training. Therefore, we must avoid closed courses that develop in a repetitive way, in which there are no substantial changes between the editions and in which the students have little contact with the teacher, since in any case this type of course should be free. Therefore, we recommend that, given the wide range of courses, courses that combine online teaching material, quality audio-visual material and the possibility of teaching in virtual classes with teachers for some content, and always with a commitment of faculty response in less of 24 hours. That’s what you pay for.

For 3 years, the IGOID Group incorporated a training area that grew exponentially during this period. When initially offered a single course in Management and Maintenance of Sports Facilities, today 6 different titles are offered in each of the training campaigns (experts and masters, 15, 30 and 60 credits). The courses are based on a 100% online system supported by live lessons through virtual classrooms. The results are being very satisfactory by students and teachers. You can download all course information: IGOIDformación