Specialized unit in management and health


Head of the unit: Enrique Colino Acevedo and Esther Ubago Stew

If something that the IGOID Group has learned in recent years is diversifying, leveraging its network of contacts and collaborations. That´s why today the research group is a pioneer in the fusion of aspects as important as administration, sports facilities and health. Thus, we can contrast this experience with projects and studies conducted for leading sports companies that have helped increase awareness of how facilities should be designed and how sports activities should be managed to help growing children. As a result, the group has equipment as advanced as the bone densitometer, with which any new study can be complemented and developed.

In the same way, the IGOID Group has joined the new ways of working that combine management and health, and for that reason, it has been impossible not to join an area as important as stress and work management. In this way, we are pioneers in the application of technological devices for the evaluation and management of stress, achieving an optimization in their use. Specifically, the group has available 30 BodyGuard 2 devices, which allow controlling stress management and recovery quality, focused on human resources management.

In this sense, the IGOID Group has protocols to control and evaluate stress in companies, with successful experiences in professionals in the fitness sector and more recently in personnel of companies with non-active jobs. These types of studies are available to any company or entity that wants to improve the knowledge and management of the stress of their workers.