Specialized unit for the safety of installations of sports surfaces


Responsible for the unit: Leonor Gallardo Guerrero

The IGOID Group belongs to the Universidad Castilla La Mancha since 2008, is the only university laboratory in Spain that following the criteria of the UNE-EM ISO / IEC 17025 standard, is licensed by ENAC for a period of 5 years for the sports surfaces and the assessment of the state and mechanical properties of sports flooring in accordance with the normative criteria specified in UNE-EM 15330-1: 2014. From this license, the IGOID Group became a reference laboratory in the research of artificial turf sports pavements at international level, contributing positively to the development of new products. From this experience, we currently have consultancy services, analysis and advice on sports floors and high quality aimed at any public or private body that needs it.

The active participation in articles, publications and projects, shows our experiences in this scope, being possible to count on their practical help for different services.

1. Development of in situ evidence of artificial turf surfaces.

Field evaluation tests of artificial turf fields licensed by ENAC
As a licensed laboratory by ENAC for the certification of artificial turf fields, the IGOID Group offers the possibility to carry out an integral analysis of the state of the surface. This type of study is increasingly demanded by all types of organization, to ensure that:

  • The newly installed field complies with the conditions established by the manufacturer and the installation company.
  • To guarantee to its users a surface with the quality established by the international organisms.
  • Know the evolution of the pavement with the passage of the years and establish the most appropriate strategy to optimize its useful life.

The tests that include this type of studies and their corresponding regulations are:

  • Resistance to rotation according to the norm UNE-EN 15301-1: 2008: it allows to identify the ease or difficulty that a player has to rotate his foot of support without sliding it or to be blocked.
  • Standard vertical deformation and maximum deformation and absorption of impacts UNE-EN 14809: 2006 and UNE-EN 14808: 2006 / AC: 2008: is directly related to the energy dissipation of an impact on the pavement.
  • Horizontal bearing according to Standard UNE-EN 12234: 2014: it allows to evaluate the distance that a ball comes to roll in the field at a certain speed.
  • Vertical jumps according to UNE-EN 12235: 2014: allow the objective evaluation of the coefficient of restitution of the interaction between the ball and the pavement, providing information about its behavior in the different boats that are produced.

Other evaluation tests of artificial turf surfaces

In addition, the IGOID Group also has the necessary equipment to perform other complementary tests, being able to provide more useful information, obtaining comprehensive studies.

  • Energy return (energy of restitution): this parameter relates the energy that was applied to the artificial turf with the energy returned by it, which influences the elastic behavior of the surface when interacting with the athlete.
  • Linear friction in the interaction between the player and the field: this test allows to know the value of sliding of the block with respect to the ground (SSV) and the value of deceleration of the block, known collectively as the friction linear. In addition, an adaptation of the equipment also allows to know the values ​​of linear abrasion, relative to the interaction between the skin of the player and the surface.
  • Surface regularity: it allows to know the regularity and surface homogeneity of the pavement from the beginning of its service period or at any time of its useful life, allowing to define the necessary conservation or rehabilitation actions.
  • Surface wear and deterioration: this tool allows a realistic simulation of wear and tear and deterioration of the use of sports fields after years of use. The wearing pattern is determined by the pressure that compresses the football boot locks and the abrasive wear generalized by the smooth sole sports footwear.

2. Consulting, projects and analysis of specifications

The IGOID Group has extensive experience in advising sports surfaces for private and public organizations. Among the main services demanded, we highlight the consulting service in the preparation and resolution of technical specifications and evaluation criteria for artificial turf soccer fields.

In the field of specification consultancy, the IGOID Group provides the interested parties with their services for any phase of the project, with the ultimate objective of guaranteeing the maximum durability and quality of the pavement possible and, therefore, maximizing the investment:

  • Development of technical specifications and evaluation criteria: selection of materials and equipment, quality of the same, technical elements needed, etc.
  • Review of specifications: implementation of specific technical conditions and revision.
  • Technical advice in the evaluation of bids: evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the applications and their degree of compliance with the conditions established in the specifications.