Safety unit specialized in sports facilities


Head of Unit: José Luis Gómez Calvo

As a result of the research, the IGOID Group worked on the safety of several sports facilities. Leading several projects and establishing itself as the best option to offer a consultancy service in the area of ​​safety of sports facilities. The service is adjusted according to the type of installation and the type of evaluation required, giving the possibility to adapt to each specific case.

Obligations to be fulfilled:

  • Ensure the maintenance of order and the development of activities and events;
  • Exercise the right of administration in accordance with legal provisions, with respect and consideration with users and viewers;
  • Do not allow uncivilized and violent actions inside the premises and facilities;
  • Perform access and permanence control;
  • Complete control of the interior of the premises and facilities.

These obligations should be:

Known: Ignorance of the law does not absolve it.

Thought: Know how and when to do it.

Planned: Draw up Security Plans for order maintenance.

Evaluated: Know the level of compliance with the mandatory requirements.

That’s why, The IGOID-Sportec offers you services such as:

ADVISORY Through its advisory services

FORM Through online courses and through video conferences in real time and with streaming

REALIZATION Security plans for order maintenance and prevention of uncivilized or violent actions.

EVALUATION The level of compliance with mandatory requirements, according to the state legislation and each autonomous community.

Other services in the field of Safety of Sports Facilities and Multipurpose:

  • Assessment of emergency evacuation conditions;
  • Compatibility assessment of access controls and emergency evacuation;
  • Emergency simulation;
  • Evacuation simulations, including assisted evacuation of persons with reduced mobility;
  • Guidance on mandatory requirements in terms of administrative law and controls of access and permanence, according to the Autonomous Communities.