What are specialized units?

The IGOID Group, with the intention of overcoming each year, is creating a set of special units with the purpose of offering increasingly professional and personalized services:

1. Unit specialized in the safety of sports facilities. The IGOID group has been working with the safety of sports facilities since its inception, getting results from different levels. However, we highlight the project Safety Analyzes in School Sports Facilities, financed by MAPFRE and the AISEF Project on security in football stadiums, financed by Cátedra Real Madrid. The different publications and reports derived from these projects, like all the produced by the group, is available to all interested parties. This unit is headed by the Security Expert, José Luis Gómez Calvo.

2. Unit specialized in health and stress management. If we learn something over the years is to diversify, from the network of contacts and employees. Nowadays, by these contacts, the research group is pioneering in the fusion of aspects as important as the management, sports facilities and health. As a result, we have advanced equipment such as the bone densitometer, used to complement and develop any new study. The heads of this unit are Enrique Colino Acevedo and Esther Ubago Guisado.

3. Unit specialized in sports performance, big data and soccer. Opens a new relationship between sports performance and sports management, focusing on the example of football. Nowadays, the IGOID Group stands out for developing a protocol for the evaluation of injury performance and prevention, with protocols designed on the evaluation of the player, based on the use of the most sophisticated technologies. In addition, it offers clubs the possibility of requesting the implementation of this protocol during their training sessions. Responsible for this unit is Javier Sánchez Sánchez.

4. Unit specialized in economy, quality and management of sports facilities. The IGOID Group specializes in the management of sports facilities, accumulating projects and contracts related to the best management through the quality of the sports facilities and their management. The group makes available to all managers and manuals about the management of sports facilities as «tools to help economic management of sports services» or «360º swimming pools». With experience in management projects of professional leagues and sports federations, it´s available to offer you the necessary budgets for your company in the area of ​​management.

5. Unit specialized in training and management of sports facilities. Any aspect of economic or economic order has an adaptation to the sport and, therefore, to the training. Our current based model are basic courses, specialization course, specialization course or master’s degree, accompaniment between official training or own title. The POS GRADES ARE 100% ONLINE in the Blackboard platform. In the last three years, we have incorporated a training area that has grown exponentially. When initially offering a single Sports Facilities Management and Maintenance course, look at six different titles offered. The responsible for this unit is Leonor Gallardo, CEO of the IGOID Group.

6. Unit specialized in safety of the evaluation of sports surfaces. The IGOID Group is the only university laboratory in Spain that following the criteria established in the standard UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17025, has a valid ENAC accreditation for 5 years for the testing of sports surfaces and the evaluation of the state and mechanical properties in sports pavements according to the normative criteria specified in the norm UNE-EN 15330-1: 2014. Through this credence, the IGOID Group became a reference in the international research of artificial turf pavements, contributing positively to the development of new products. As a result of this experience, we currently have a consultancy service, analysis and advice on high quality sports pavements directed to any public or private body that requests them.